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Message in a Bottle is a personalised children's book
that will be launched in English in Europe in summer 2016

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Tuire Siiriainen

Judith Paskin

Verity Clark

Victoria Welton
social media executive

Tom Percival

Dr Szymon Drobniak

What is the story about?

#1: An engaging adventure story from you to your loved one

#2: Truly unique personalisation that involves both you and your child

#3: A story that is fun and educational, featuring animals around the world

#4 :  A 40-page, high quality book printed on durable paper in the UK

How does it work?

One day a bottle washes up on a beach on the other side of the world. It is discovered by Kiki, a brave little bird.

She sees that there is a message inside and decides that the bottle simply must reach its intended destination, no matter what, no matter how!

1. Create a special message for your child and let Kiki find it in the story.

3. After a journey full of adventure, Kiki reaches her final destination.
Your child finally discovers who sent the message and what it says!

A unique gift to last your child a lifetime

Whether it's for your child, nephew, niece, grandchild or any special child in your life,
Message in a Bottle is a wonderful way to gift a keepsake which will remain special for you both.

Coping with illness

Doing well at school



First day at school

Get well

Words of encouragement




Living far away from the child

Moving house

Dealing with worries and fears

Child's name, address and country will appear throughout the pages of the book.

Bind you and your child together in this unique adventure, created from a message written by you

2. Kiki sets off on a trail of adventure to deliver the mysterious message to the child.

The adventure begins in Hawaii and ends in your child's home country, whether it's in Europe, Africa or Middle East, and also Russia.

Create your personal message and add an optional picture, photo or even a drawing.

A tale of adventure, friendship and fun to deliver your own personal message to a special child in your life!

Personalised children's adventure book

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